The Best 11 Job Boards to Find WordPress Work Opportunities

When you are looking for work, every second matters. Why? Because just like you, other candidates are out looking for new opportunities. The earlier you find an opportunity the better it is.  

With hundreds of websites out there, where do you even start? By the time you find a handful of job boards that offer WordPress work, the opportunities will be bagged by others and for you, the waiting game starts all over again.

This is why knowing the best job boards for finding WordPress work is important. We will share the top sites that will help find many WordPress opportunities.

The Best Job Boards to Help You Find WordPress Work

Since there are a lot of job boards out there, covering all of them is nearly impossible. We have handpicked the best and have grouped them into two categories. The ones in the first category are completely for WordPress and the second category is more generalized, meaning it showcases jobs outside the WordPress ecosystem also.

WordPress Exclusive Job Boards

1. Codeable

Screenshot of www.codeable.io

If you are looking to work with the best agencies on some exciting and challenging WordPress projects, then head over to Codeable and see if you can be in their top 2 percent. Codeable connects WordPress freelancers with employers to work on a variety of projects. Everything from theme and plugin development, design, integrations, custom website development, and many more opportunities can be found here.

Since Codeable carefully selects the list of applicants after multiple interview rounds, if you make it to their list, you get to work with the best group of companies. Kisnta, WPengine, WooCommerce, and many more recommend Codeable.

2. WPhired

Screenshot of www.wphired.com

WPhired launched way back in 2010, provides WordPress work of all sorts. Whether full-time, part-time, or freelance, you will find work that suits your needs. One can find works in the field of WordPress related to design, development, and even writing. One can also sign up for their alerts so you never miss out on the latest job listings.

3. Jobs.WordPress.net

Screenshot of jobs.wordpress.net

The next job board on our list is from WordPress itself. Jobs.WordPress.net is hosted on the official website and the opportunities you see here will be the best. This covers everything from design, writing, migration, development, and many more.

One can find opportunities from all around the globe and it can be either full-time or part-time. Compared to the other job boards on the list, the number of jobs here will be a bit low.

4. WordPress Job Board by Post Status

Screenshot of poststatus.com

Post Status is very well known in the WordPress community, and they also have a job board that helps individuals like you find the best opportunities at the right time. They focus on positions that are full-time and remote for the most part.

The team at Post Status verifies all the jobs before they list them and one thing they really focus on is conveying as much information about the open position as possible. The job listings you find here will be limited, but the ones you find are from organizations that create a wave of revolution.

If you feel like WordPress needs more exclusive job boards, then creating one is not that hard. With our job board plugin, WP Job Openings creating an uncomplicated platform for both recruiters and applicants is an easy task.

General Job Boards

5. LinkedIn

Screenshot of www.linkedin.com

Find new opportunities and at the same time establish new connections on the way – this is what LinkedIn offers to its users. Here on this platform, apart from applying to new WordPress job opportunities, you can also directly strike up conversations with hiring managers and other employees. By establishing connections with other employees, in the long run, they can refer you or even alert you about open positions.

Also, you can essentially highlight your certifications and achievements, join groups, write an article, and add links to the best works on your profile to stand out from the rest. If you signup for their premium plan, you can also spot who viewed your profile and take the necessary action.

6. Indeed

Screenshot of indeed.com

From WordPress design to development to writing, Indeed offers many WordPress opportunities. Getting started is a simple process, create an account, upload the resume, and start applying. The users can see how active a job posting is, as Indeed does show the employer activity on each job opening. 

Most of the jobs posted here are full time and freelancing opportunities are there, but still, it’s less. If an employer finds your resume attractive, they can email you directly expressing an interest to work together. New jobs are updated often.

7. Upwork

Screenshot of www.upwork.com

If complete freelancing is what you are after, then Upwork is where you should be. There are a lot of WordPress jobs available here, but getting one can be a tricky part when you are starting.

One needs to submit a proposal and most often job posters do check how many reviews and stars your profile currently has. But don’t let this discourage you. Start small and build a portfolio and you are good to go. One can work on multiple projects and earn really big. Once you establish yourself, the chances of being contacted directly by clients with whom you have worked are really high. 

8. FlexJobs

Screenshot of www.flexjobs.com

If you prefer working from the comfort of your house, FlexJobs can make it a reality. You can find remote WordPress jobs, for the most part, whereas some job postings require the candidates to be in the concerned location. There are plenty of job opportunities up for grabs, from developers to digital media marketers.

9. SimplyHired

Screenshot of www.simplyhired.com

When looking for a new opportunity, the more information you can acquire, the better it is. SimplyHired offers everything you need to know from company reviews to salary benefits and many more so that you make the right choice.

Another great feature is that they offer a free resume builder with many templates that the users can try out. They also offer additional services where they can fine-tune your resume.

10. Fiverr

Screenshot of www.fiverr.com

Having your presence on multiple job boards is the way to go and Fiverr is one such job board. Unlike Upwork, where you can apply to various opportunities, here, the employer contacts you based on your portfolio and reviews. This is a complete freelance platform trusted by the very best. Just like Upwork, one needs to build a strong portfolio to get the recognition one deserves.

11. Glassdoor

Screenshot of www.glassdoor.com

It’s not just about finding more opportunities related to WordPress but also ensuring it is the right one. Glassdoor can help you with both of these. Glassdoor provides users with company reviews which are anonymous, salary and benefits details, and everything an outsider wants to know before they apply for an open position.

Wrapping Up

Knowing where to find opportunities in WordPress is important.  All the above-mentioned job boards will take you a step closer to your dream career in WordPress.