Email TemplatesPRO

Do you find yourself writing the same recruiting email over and over again as you communicate with different candidates? Get your time back by using standardized email templates in WPJO.

Using this feature, recruiters can create and save customized email templates to be mailed to the applicants. In WPJO Emails are handled through Email Templates, which you can create an unlimited number of.  They are tied to actions/hooks that trigger when to send the email. You can create an unlimited number of email templates and set it to any action/hook, even if itโ€™s already got an email tied to it! For example, when a new listing is posted, you could create multiple custom email templates, one to send to admin, and one to person submitting the listing, with completely different and customized content. You can also override or customize the email templates by copying them to your theme and making edits there.